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Billabong 2018 Pipe Masters

  Oahu’s North Shore is legendary among surfers searching for the perfect wave,Pipeline is one of the heaviest waves in the world, scaling more than six meters over a shallow base of razor-sharp reef. During the winter, the ocean is a fierce beast; unpredictable and commanding of respect . The lineup at Pipe is a..

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The Vessel

New York City has often pushed the artistic bounds of its cultural profile with its unique blend of architectural wonders, and with a recent boom in development, a new landmark is rising in the Hudson Yards redevelopment area on West 34th. With its distinctive honeycomb shape, The Vessel stands out amidst a forest of steel,..

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NYC Fashion Week

New York City is universally known as a global center for culture and the arts. The creative energy in this city is overwhelming. Always ahead of the curve, always thinking outside the box, pushing the limits and shattering the boundaries of our imagination. It is a very cosmopolitan city that showcases an immense diversity of..

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Barclays Center

Since the times antiquity, arenas have symbolized a feeling of community within a large and chaotic city. A place for people of all backgrounds, rich and poor, to come together and share in the pure joy of uniting under the banner of your choice in supporting those who represent the place you call home. Brooklyn..

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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

  The smell of delicious smoked BBQ, slow cooked to perfection, local artists jamming out to the background symphony of a dozen conversations, a historic location that belongs to the community; a place that can most accurately be described as a chill place of gathering for people to enjoy a meal while having a good..

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The local Brooklyn food has seen an enormous boom in recent years with the rejuvenation of neighborhoods all throughout the borough. Williamsburg itself has experienced record breaking growth becoming one of the hottest places in a city that already offers so much. Yet even with this enormous growth, coming on the heels of rapid gentrification,..

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Atlantic City

Atlantic City has a long and interesting history that would take more than a single article to describe. From its days as a resort town to the east coast’s gambling paradise to its ultimate decline. In recent years the city has seen many casinos close down as the boardwalk has lost its appeal. But there..

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Two Boots Pizza

New York City is famous around the world for its pizza, but when you think of classic NYC pizza a cajun style chain usually isn’t the first place that comes to mind. This isn’t the case with Two Boots, a unique lower east side pizzeria that’s as New York as anything, born and raised in..

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