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Ichiran Ramen

There are few things better than a rich and hearty bowl of ramen. So simple yet so satisfying. A quick dish loaded with flavor and nutrients, a meal that makes you feel at ease, a necessary break from the daily hussle of life that provides the energy to survive in this urban jungle.

Now when you think of ramen Japan instantly comes to mind, but this is NYC and not surprisingly there are many good spots in this city, each unique in its own way, but one of the best serving authentic, old school Hakata – style ramen is right here in Brooklyn.

Ichiran originated in Fukuoka, Japan and specializes in tonkotsu – a broth based upon pork bones and other ingredients. Served with fresh noodles, juicy pork and a variety of other flavors and toppings, including a signature spicy sauce imported from Japan.

Although intended to be “fast food” – and it is, with a typical turnaround time of 20 minutes – this place does not skimp on the quality, providing the rare experience of a quick yet wholesome meal with no distractions, just you and and that delicious bowl of soup beckoning you to dive in and get lost in a world of flavor.

What allows you to get this intimate experience is the setting. A bamboo curtain separates you from your server while a sheet of paper allows you full customization of your ramen. The idea being to minimize your interaction with the staff and automate the process, as though your were actually in Japan, ordering food from a vending machine – once again to minimize distractions that get in the way of you and your food. Refills are quickly provided with a push of a button.

Although quick, the food and unique approach are memorable and quite satisfying as the private, intimate setting allows you to truly savor your meal. Although a bit pricey, it is well worth it – this is New York, don’t forget, although for 20 minutes you might feel as though you took a little getaway to Japan.

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