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NYC Fashion Week

New York City is universally known as a global center for culture and the arts. The creative energy in this city is overwhelming. Always ahead of the curve, always thinking outside the box, pushing the limits and shattering the boundaries of our imagination.

It is a very cosmopolitan city that showcases an immense diversity of original styles and edgy designs. Setting new trends through innovation and artistic expression, fashion and photography work hand in hand in the picturesque urban jungle of New York. There is a gravity to this city that can only be defined by the immense cultural impact it has on the world as a whole.

When you consider all this, it’s no wonder that NYC is so closely associated with fashion and design and is one of the “Big 4” cities (including London, Paris and Milan), to host Fashion Week, a semi annual series of events during which new and radical styles and upcoming trends are unveiled to the public.

Held in September and February of every year, dating back to the 1940’s and popularized by mainstream fashion magazines such as Vogue, New York Fashion Week has become a staple of the artistic and financial tradition of NYC, with an economic impact of nearly a billion dollars.

And what better place to reveal your vision to the world, than a global capital with such a diverse cultural and artistic prestige as New York City. Art and business meet in the streets of this metropolis, where the ideas of tomorrow become today’s trends.


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