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The local Brooklyn food has seen an enormous boom in recent years with the rejuvenation of neighborhoods all throughout the borough. Williamsburg itself has experienced record breaking growth becoming one of the hottest places in a city that already offers so much.

Yet even with this enormous growth, coming on the heels of rapid gentrification, what makes Brooklyn such a chill place is the fact that it never loses that local community vibe. Brooklyn has a reputation for being more laid back in stark contrast to the fast pace and coldness of the city. And Williamsburg is a perfect example – loaded with so much to do and so much to eat.

It’s then no surprise that the neighborhood is home to the largest open air food market in America, hosting over a hundred local vendors on the Williamsburg waterfront, by the East River. The venue has been compared to Woodstock and attracts roughly 20-30 thousand visitors to Brooklyn each weekend and allows local businesses to share their unique recipes, rapidly boosting the growth of local business in the borough – with some stands even expanding to brick and mortar locations.

Smorgasburg was founded in 2011 by Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby as an expansion of their Brooklyn Flea, envisioning a new market dedicated specifically to showcasing the wide variety of exotic and oftentimes radical local delicacies – reminiscent of Southeast asia’s famous street markets.

Delicious goodies such as Ramen Burgers, Lobster Rolls and Egg Waffles with Ice Cream, among thousands more – the selection of savory treats is astounding, reflective of the borough’s cultural diversity. Every stand has its own flavor and its own vibe, each different than the rest, meaning you will need more than one visit just to sample all those delicious treats. And, yes alcohol is available with a bar that serves local and international beers, wines and cocktails.

The venue has since expanded to other locations all throughout the city, including Prospect Park. It also operates the many concession stands at SummerStage in Central Park. In 2016 they expanded to LA, helping revive a famous run down neighborhood.

So bring your friends or make some new ones as you indulge in the simple joy of delicious local street food in the welcoming environment of Smorgasburg, where behind every corner is a treasure to be discovered.



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