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The Vessel

New York City has often pushed the artistic bounds of its cultural profile with its unique blend of architectural wonders, and with a recent boom in development, a new landmark is rising in the Hudson Yards redevelopment area on West 34th.

With its distinctive honeycomb shape, The Vessel stands out amidst a forest of steel, glass and concrete, along with nearly thirty thousand plants and over two hundred trees. A monument designed for the public to climb, to explore and to interact with.

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the designer of the Olympic Torch or “Cauldron” for London 2012, this complex elaborate structure is the is the centerpiece of Hudson Yards’ public square, standing sixteen stories tall and has 2,500 steps – an elaborate jungle gym for the inhabitants of the urban jungle.

The vast multitude of different viewpoints and pathways and different combinations is mind boggling – the penrose stairs, a puzzle meant to be solved. Those fancying a workout will surely find creative ways to make use of this potential obstacle course – a dream for those who want to stay fit in style.

A work of art meant to be touched and played in, a true monument to a city that never stops moving. A rare mix of a public park, a playground and a sculpture that is meant to be discovered and perhaps get lost in, a vertical labyrinth that perfectly captures the atmosphere of this city.

The Hudson Yards plaza will connect with the High Line Promenade creating a new kind of urban park that is sure to attract everyone, a beehive for a buzzing metropolis and in tune with the ever changing face of New York. It is slated to open in the Spring of 2019.

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